“My Last Blog Post (A One Minute Video Is Worth 1.8M Words)”

A one-minute video is worth 1.8M written words. The information in a video frame is almost equal to 3600 pages of the blog post. You can relive the colors, emotions, and message immediately.

Between 2017-2020, I published around 250 articles. Some of them were on my personal blog(ergunsimsek.com), later on, I move all my articles from Ghost to Substack.

And others were in an online newspaper(TechCrunch), magazines(F1Racing), and tech companies’(Spotify) blog pages.

I also published my first book recently in Turkish, it call ‘ABD'de Öğrenci Olma Rehberi - Artılar ve Eksiler’ (September 2020). I will always love telling stories. I write speeches for companies’ CEOs and CTOs and local politicians.

I've been producing content for as long as I can remember. Not only in my career but also while I was a student, (I made my first short movie when I was in high school.) everything I did when I look back was about writing and producing content.

Eventually, the writing was not enough for me, so I found other outlets.

I built my career with my own hands, by trial and error.

Now, as befits a journalist, I will tell my new upcoming stories and experiences visually through videos. We are entering 2021 blogging no longer cool on the internet; the new cool is vlogging and the fact is, it was like this since 2015.

The year after, the new CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki took the chair.

I traveled a lot in the past years and in the upcoming years (2021 and beyond), I will spend more time outdoors (I already hiked in Yosemite in California in 2017). I’m planning to go hiking in Patagonia, Stockholm, and the Swiss Alps. On YouTube, mostly I want to show more of my city life, which is where I am currently (Istanbul). I want to share all my city experiences with videos.

I’m very good at writing, but I’m better at making videos, and making videos is my first choice for telling stories because I live for TV broadcasting and digital video platforms.

I want to write my second book (first novel) with the time I have for writing.

In also upcoming years, I want to publish the second edition of my first book ‘ABD'de Öğrenci Olma Rehberi - Artılar ve Eksiler’ with updates. And I want to publish in English. Also, as an e-book and audiobook.

Additional to all this, I want to translate one of my favorite books into Turkish.

I really like to bring pieces for future Turkish readers. This is another way to give back to the community.

I started doing translations on Twitter as Localizator, then I did some work for magazines.

I’m eminently into maps and books.

I’m currently reading a book called On the Map: Why the World Looks the Way it Does by Simon Garfield. I want to use my great Adobe After Effects skills to create effective map videos, like my hiking route and other documenting purposes. Creating amazing videos documenting what I experience is the most amazing gift I can give my older self.

To reiterate I won’t publish any more articles on my personal site. BUT I will send an email out once a month (some cases twice a month) to my subscribers.

Don't forget to subscribe to my email list.

Emails include specific keynotes, recommendations, updates in the tech world, YouTube updates, and some exclusive notes as well.

I do a lot of research and fact check before I send out my list.


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